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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  June 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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"the tv." tv."weekend on "buook martin nussbaum will take your phone calls on "and debt." -- in depth." south carolina's primary election is next tuesday. .
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>> representatives of all three
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can enter the question. dr. rex will go first. >> as part of your jobs initiative, proposed following items -- ged's for those who enter prograas, unemployment benefits for those getting retreated high demand field, tuition reimbursement in high demand field, work share options for employers, tax breaks and regulatory relief for small businesses, and expansion of public transportation in rural areas for employees to get to their jobs the tax revenues are at best flat and probably diminishing over the next few years and your proposal would add new costs to the state budget, would you pay for these or by budget cuts in other areas? if its budget cuts, what would those areas be? >> thank you.
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let me first say thank you to everyone. i was the first dean of education at coastal and its former provost share. here. thank you for outlining some of those approaches. south carolina has serious problems now. we are going in the wrong direction with our economy. we need comprehensive tax reform. every economist who has looked at that has said that if south carolina would expand its base -- we have nearly $4 billion not collected every year for a bright of reasons, mostly capt. exemptions and special interest groups have piled on over the last decade. if we would do comprehensive reform and some of those
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captured makes sense but many of them make no sense or they did 30 years ago but no longer. if we raise the base, we could generate more revenue, has a revenue source, and at the same time lower taxes for the vast majority of south carolinans. does not about cutting essential services. there would have to be some cuts, but we have to look of the revenue side of the picture. the way to do that is comprehensive tax reform. >> centre fors, you have 30 seconds. >> i introduced these exemptions years ago. this bill cut no direction whatsoever. i introduced the said
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legislation last year. it had no direction whatsoever -- it had no traction whatsoever. when you talk about $3.5 billion in the budget, when it comes to my turn, would have my minute and a half, i will tell you how to deal with this one temporaonr all. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues. we have probably done 20 or 30 debates and the democratic candidates have shown how you can run a positive race and talk about the issues. i have introduced a comprehensive tax reform and it was debated on the floor of the
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senate. directed to senator robert ford. >> you advocate the reinstatement of 40,000 jobs to our state. will these 40,000 jobs be beneficial to our people and our economy to help with the problems additions that can arise from video poker? >> you guys in the media killed this. this was a $4 billion industry when we had this in south carolina. i want to tax this 25%. that is $1 billion in revenue. i want to bring the casino in to
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the beach area. you can get 12 million tourists in the beach. south carolina just passed massive casino legislation. $800 million for a license. i want to sell one in south carolina for $1 billion. $300 million would go to public education, 15-1 ratio in the classroom with five-one ratio in the afternoon children's program 24 extra hours per week. we still need a lot of revenue. i want to also take $50 million of that money and put it into a mass oive industry that would employ many people. we have that going.
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it will not stop there. i want to make sure [unintelligible] i did a wonderful job in the early 1990's and we want to make sure we brought black and white citizens of south and -- of south carolina to bring citizens together. i was just getting started. >> i have a somewhat different approach to economic development. i think it is important that as we create jobs and create wealth for south carolinans. one thing that has worked in the past is a governor that is personally involved and has the commitment to recruit business and industry into south carolina. i know how to do that. i want to focus on small
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business by creating entrepreneur ship. georgia did this successfully. i am committed to travel to all 46 counties with my top economic advisers to have a one state strategy. >> the new normal but is beginning to evolve in terms of what this 21st century, we will look like, there are marshall credit. gaming will not make south carolina competitive. we have to have a trained and educated work force and make a commitment to stability, that will be part of the new normal, we will not out sweat the rest of the world. that means education. not gaming. >> you will have a chance in a second. senator -- >> part of your platform for
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economic development involves the commerce department and you say when keys to target job growth and development in areas of this debt with the highest unemployment. what specifics good to offer in places to voters' where the unemployment rate has been above 50% and for a long time. -- 15% for a long time. >> and represented the areas that have high unemployment. -- i represent those areas that have high employment. it is one thing to do what has worked in the past, but we have to also look at what is looking into new sectors. -- in new sectors. we have to go with alternative fuel. in some other counties, i have
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talked to developers who want to convert non-food source crops and to biofuels. weaken utilize a former textile factories to -- we can utilize former textile factories to produce this. there are other opportunities in alternative energy light wind inappropriate areas off the coast and in hydrogen. we already have a hydrogen initiative for a second area that is rife for increase in job growth is in the health care economy. i have toward many hospitals and health facilities around the state. i have promoted a broader view of economic development, especially in areas that are under developed that includes health care. if we train enough nurses and enough medical tech support, we can create jobs that pay up to $70,000 per year. right now, we're bringing in nurses out of state.
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>> during my first two years in office, i did more than 30 town hall meetings around the state. i'm almost finished with 46 counties in 46 days as candidate for governor. i have been in these counties consistently for over 3.5 years. education and training is a big part of it. i have a daughter who is a nurse practitioner and we have to do more in that area. it goes back to having a vision for where south carolina needs to be in terms of having a livable wages, professional occupations that actually build our middle class. >> right now, we are facing a $3.5 billion budget that is a lot of suffering. we have to have money by january.
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that is my plan. i want to make sure we have a massive education plan to educate our students in south carolina because in charleston, we have wind turbines and other things being built. that will be a statewide effect for south carolina. >> senator ford, the myrtle beach area is trying to maintain its reputation as a family resort and great destination for family vacations. do you think the video poker which is the basis of your economic development plan and other forms of gaming help or hurt that effort? >> mind you, you can use that same argument against a that
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brought in a lot of revenue. you got rid of poker. when poker was alive and well in south carolina, thousands of jobs, billions of dollars went into south carolina. then you got rid of it and now we have been suffering ever since. everybody is in line for revenue. we have different universities and technical schools. if it was not for me, there would not be an education lottery. i have heard the same argument, that this would bring destruction. it will not permit that money -- [unintelligible] because of gaming, we were able to support education that we would not have been able to do.
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>> we differ on this aspect of the program. i think we need to look at tourism which is part of the question that was asked as a part of economic development strategy in south carolina. i still do not think it is considered a part of economic development as it should be. i am committed as governor to doing that. part of that is promoting it. it is within our best interest if we have more people come to the coast and spend more dollars and part of that is committing those dollars to promote tourism in south carolina in the coast but also in the interior. >> we need to have a state that is viewed more positively than it is now. it must be viewed as a state that honors its natural resources, that has a beautiful
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clean place to live in as well as to visit. one of the problems with center for's proposal, in the past, we have talked about -- centaur ford proposal -- senator ford's proposal is that we should have had state dollars that were not committed. >> the grandstand is considered the north coastal area from north myrtle beach to georgetown. >> considering the oil disaster in the gulf, what would you do as governor to promote the use and production of great energy and south carolina like wind turbines off the coast? >> this is a timely question. i have been involved in this of the last few years. this is in large part of my platform.
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this year, sponsored legislation that focuses on rehabilitating energy inefficient public. we have credit over 4000 jobs which has allowed power companies to loan their customers to renovate their homes and make them at more energy efficient. they create over 4000 jobs in the near term and hopefully 8000 in the long term. secondly, i want to mention the possibility of biofuels in the rural areas part. . the third wonderful area we have is an offshore wind. this is an example a failed leadership in this state. delaware has a stake wind plan and we don't have one. we have received a grant money but we can do more.
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>> i think we have a wind plant. it's called a campaign for governor across the state. [laughter] i am not talking about my colleagues so much. i am talking about the opposition. i think we are in the early stages of a renaissance of nuclear energy in this country. we are ranked number 3 in the nation as far as generation of nuclear power. avatar power comes from nuclear energy. -- half of our power comes from nuclear energy. we want to make sure we become a leader. >> you have to have the stimulus and my plan would do that. in charleston, we have been unable base and nine european countries signed on to do wind turbines.
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we want to keep the wind program at the naval base. we have nine countries who signed off to do with turbans. that is 2500 jobs. that is courageous leadership. >> you advocate a work share option where an employer can reduce hours and still offer partial benefits to workers instead of layoffs and furloughs. those workers could be eligible for partial unemployment benefits. how do you think this would grow south carolina industry? do you think this is a viable option for small businesses? >> i have talked to so many business leaders during this downturn for they have this terrible option of laying off
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workers. in some cases, they are the most experienced workers. then they were about getting them back when the economy turns about. this gives them the option of choosing to cut back on the amount of hours, the amount of compensation for workers and allows the state to make up at least some of thht difference. instead of paying full unemployment benefits, you have a person partially employed, not fully unemployed. this has been done in at least 30 other states and has helped the employee and the state by cutting back on a cost of unemployment and it has allowed industries to be more flexible. when we talk about wide industry support of south carolina, this should be one of the cooperative plans we have. >> next year, we have a $3.5
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billion shortfall and we are laying off people already. we need revenue and we need a quick. under my plan, i plan to put in $250 million into local government to make sure that every employee starts off at $11 per hour. that is the same with the state. if you make less than $50,000 per year, you get an automatic 5% raise. i am bringing revenue in so i can do this. you have -- how can you be governor without bringing in revenue? >> the best job plan is to keep as many people employed i tried to get this stimulus money into south carolina last year governor sanford block to that.
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ed that. the governor will name the director of the unemployment commission. this gives us flexibility to help people who are out of work match up with new jobs. that is important as we move forward in the governor's race. >> senator ford, excuse me, >> i think your question is for senator ford. >> can you point to any specific instances where your efforts have helped create jobs in charleston county during your time as an elected official? >> by resolving the confederate flag issue.
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we won that after we were able to convince charleston on this. i have been involved with the project where there were 4000 jobs. i got on the floor of the senate to defend that project. that will bring 4000 jobs because that is a needy county. >> would you locate video poker machines? >> you are missing the point. $3.5 billion of budget, thousands of teachers will be laid off. we can get that money right away. there are 49 states that have a problem with their budget. 41 of them are considering some
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form of gaming. south carolina just passed a massive video poker plan. you have to have monday and gaming is the only ball game left. >> we will likely be crying anyway. [laughter] >> not if i am governor. >> i have been involved in numerous economic projects in my district. i am not responsible for the businesses located there. in the smaller communities, it is a team effort. i work closely with economic development director and have been involved in expansion in kershaw county. i was talking with an employer that was looking to expand into another area.
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we help build incentive packages that bring companies to the south carolina area. >> about one year ago, there is a company called dixie narco who are the largest manufacturer of vending machines. they had a small facility in missouri and one to decide where to consolidate. i was asked to call the ceo of this company and explain to him that we have an education system that was on the move and would work with his employees if they chose south carolina. the day after i called, they chose south carolina. he said it was the first time anyone running the education system had called him for a precaution this is of -- a relocation decision. >> centre shaheen, you say rural
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counties cannot be left behind. you say you would provide desperately needed funds for these areas through banks. how can you help the worker in marion county whose plants were shut down to get back to work? >> the key there will be the new department of work force. the matching of employees to jobs is something that south tirana has not done well over the past few years. we have an opportunity to control this agency and we have to do that. the second thing is the use of our technical college system. we have one of the best systems in the country and we should be proud of this. there is potential to match employees with employers through training for those particular employers. >> one of our problems in south carolina is that we have a large
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number of workers in south carolina who are undertrained and under skill. we have to help those people move up their skill levels. i have recommended that we pay the $80 ged before the and put them in a state approved program to get minimal trade. that is a tough situation. we will have to have an office of job creation which i have recommended to focus on how we bring industries from other states even though times are tough th. >> technical schools are surviving but the reason they are surviving is because people like myself were bold enough to go out and get the lottery past to make sure our technical schools get more than their fair share of also like to remind everybody that we're still talking about $3.5 billion next
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year, thousands employees laid off, the next government will have to have a plan from the first day running to save the state and the thousands of people who will be out of work and income and -- and no income for their families. >> do you think people who receive government assistance in the form of welfare should be drug tested? >> that sounds like a dea question. as governor of south carolina, the people receiving welfare would receive them because i am planning on having jobs for them so they can have work instead of getting government assistance. [applause]
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we need to understand that if we don't bring jobs, that throws the of voters off. i am a public servant. my job is to look out for the interest of the public. my job is to make sure that every segment of south carolina enjoys a decent standard of life. when you have those kind of questions, it means that the $3.5 billion that we need, we would not be concerned with that because our mind is on trivial stuff. i am talking about how the media has made public -- politics to a deal and it is not. to as a matter of life and death. >> just because somebody's grandmother or grandfather got laid off from their job and is collecting unemployment benefits is no reason you should require
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them to submit to a drug test. that doesn't make sense to me. >> i agree. that is further degradation. when you have no gaming industry in south carolina and professor dyer gets laid off, i don't think he should get drug tested. [laughter] [applause] our problem is putting our people to work. we have many people want desperately to go back to work. they don't need to have further humiliation. >> as part of your plan to create jobs and maximize economic growth, you want to overhaul the department commerce. what would you do differently than secretary taylor and his staff are currently doing and what specific types of businesses and industries which
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you seek to attract? >> that is an important question for the immediate term of the governor. these decisions have to be made right from the start. you have to men the right person for the secretary of commerce. it cannot be just a friend of the governor. it must be someone with a professional experience of economic development. as important that the secretary be charged with recording industry, traveling the nation and the world along with the governor. we know that can work. they need a chief of staff and the department actually runs the day-to-day affairs of the agency. you need that figure had out there recruiting business into south carolina. the department of commerce has seen its budget cut substantially. we need to fund the part of is a good long-term investment. it does not cost that much money and is not a really big agency. the dollars are there to do it. it only needs a couple of million dollars more to grow
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jobs in south carolina. >> we need to create an office of job creation. that is about a dozen people. these are two people highly selected to work with the departure of commerce to work with the governor to develop five regional portfolios. you cannot look at this just as county. ies and to fine prospect nationally that along with those portfolios. we need to have a governor who has been a ceo and managing people program in dollars so when he goes to talk to a ceo in another state or country, he understands their language and responsibilities. >> the two gentlemen to my left and right now that i have made an announcement about workshops
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and have talked about wind turbines. i have done many things and i'm not even governor of south carolina. i would not put that burden on one person. i have a good relationship with general assembly and i would make sure that the move to industry would be located in 63 areas of south carolina. -- six different areas of south carolina. >> you advocated overhaul of the employment commission. you said many are collecting unemployment after being fired for misconduct or voluntarily leaving work for turning down jobs. you say you will all require accountability. how will you make the commission more accountable? >> we need to look at where our job needs are met. we have some jobs in south carolina that are not being filled. we also have some employers
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still breaking ball law by employing illegal immigrants. we need to look at our unemployed workforce, the jobs we have that are often filled and align those. we need to hold that agency accountable for that to make sure that if there are jobs in south carolina going unfilled, we need to put those people in a training program for those jobs with the understanding that they do not get that training without a commitment to the job and they lose their unemployment benefits if they reneged on that agreement. that would be permanently. i think you can build in a series of carrots and sticks for the agency but also for ^ -- south carolinaians that may be in the wrong field or maybe in a different geography. they could move to a different part of the state to be employed. i think we can instill that accountability in local government. >> i have talked to many people
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in this situation. we had three submissions collected for the general program that ran the assembly for many years. when the general assembly could not come up with jobs in hard times, they passed the buck to their friends and had the public thinking that the reason we don't have jobs in south carolina is because of those three commissioners. on the floor of the senate, i told it like it was. instead of passing the buck, come up with a job program. >> i was happy to be part of the general assembly to createoxp js and make it more accountable.
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there were not be a blatant and finger-pointing. what was done which was a program it was that the governor named a director of that new agency is that having people elected by the general assembly to control the agency. they also tightened up the requirement for who is eligible for benefits so that we could make sure that those who deserve benefits got them and get them in time. we are behind technologically in the way many of our agencies operate. we have to get ahead of that. >> they still don't have any jobs. >> senator ford. >> are we sure about that? >> whoever wants to answer, go ahead. [laughter] >> it is senator ford. >> focusing resources and efforts on improving education
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for students is key to maximizing the state's economic development. the abdication of smaller glasses and higher at two cajun teacher salaries complicates the need. how can you balance the components of educational improvement by spending more money while keeping the other budget demands a priority? >> we have to keep that $3.5 billion backup. we have to make up with a massive program like i am introducing. the only reason i'm running for governor is that for 12 years, i tried to get the general assembly to replace the money we lost from video poker. there was no money left. you have to make up $3.5 billion. the only way could do that now is regaining.
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south carolina and is blessed with the best highway system in the country. when we had gaming on 85, most of the video poker was there. under my plan, $300 million more would go into education. a five-one ratio for kids in school and a 15-1 ratio for smaller class sizes in public how can i do that? because i am bringing in the money. you have to bring home the bacon. this is not a dream. this can actually happen if i become governor of south carolina. my two friends don't have an answer because they do not have money. >> i think it is important that we are on this. many things that needñi to happn in this state will not happen until we begin to grow out of our budget deficit. there are things we can do to help that. one thing i am proud to have accomplished this letter -- this
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last year is raise the cigarette tax. that will bring over $120 million in the state budget. for us to be successful in the program that we know we need an education is we have to have comprehensive tax reform. this looks at how we can broaden the tax is while keeping tax rates low. >> these two gentlemen were late tonight because the past eight sed a budget that funds the education at the same level it was in 1995. we will lose somewhere between 5007 thousand educators between last year and this year. talking doesn't do it.
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-- we will is somewhere between 5007 thousand educators between last year and this year. this has to be a priority -- we will lose somewhere between 5000 and 7000 educators between last year and this year. >> you say low-cost power is critical. you mentioned alternative energy and conservation as part of your plan. he did not mention nuclear energy. given that half of the south carolina energy comes from nuclear power plants, i think we have four, are you in favor of expanding our use of nuclear energy? >> i am. i voted against the budget for south carolina this year that was passed today. that is one reason i stayed. it was important for us to vote against that and i apologize i was late.
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i support increasing opportunities for nuclear power. we have a good track record. it is important that we pressure the federal government to find out where the waste will go. >> nuclear power is a mediumm term after prolonged term, we need to work on their renewal bills that will be part of this. the south carolina post- secondary education has to be a big part of this. our colleges and universities and technical colleges will have to give us the kind of knowledge workers that we need if we are going to be a leader in some of these new green
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technology initiatives. >> senator ford. >> on the energy commission, we set aside five locations for nuclear energy in south carolina when i was a member of the commission. this will be a reality because of the fact that they did a wonderful job. >> an ever shrinking county budget threatens one rural county on a yearly basis. how would your rural transportation initiative to
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provide funding to offset and a lack of or caused a reduction in public funding? >> we have a short-term problem and a long-term problem. the grand strand area needs to look at how we can tap into the federal dollars that are now available to put in a high-speed rail systems. charleston has already made an application to do that. grand strand it needs to do the same thing. i will support that when it comes through strenuously. we should enter the i-73 plan for the high-speed rail system. european and asian nations have these trains in place and the public loves them and they are affordable and safe. if you're traveling in these countries in five under miles or less, you use this system. that the long-term solution. in the short term "said a south carolina needs to step up and help local -- local communities with these costs like with the
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comprehensive tax reform and an infrastructure bank. i can envision the state having in infrastructure bank that would help with transportation. we have rural areas that have an adequate transportation. it is not just the grand strand, that is an issue around the state. >> i supported the center is in the grants trend area when they asked for the bypass. -- grand strand area when they asked for the blood test. i have a revenue plabypass.
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you need to support my plan. >> the key to seeing the opportunities for the south carolina is understanding our state government can work and why it does not work in some many instances. the governor named the head of the department of transportation. we have to have a governor committed to other types of transportation because if the dot bike set a priority, they can access federal dollars and match state dollars. it is important that those dollars be leveraged as much as possible for roads and mass transit as we move into the future. >> senator ford, you mentioned that when video poker was legal in thisxcú state, the
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majority of video poker players were motorists passing through the state or short-term visitors to the border areas of south carolina. 65% of the video poker machines were located along interstate highways for it with your legislation bring back limiting poker machines from certain borders? >>no, my plan would bring poker back in the stipulation with the churches and schools for the allstate would be wide open. -- the whole state would be wide open. pochard never really left. -- poker and never really left. [unintelligible] for 12 years i have been begging them to bring in this revenue.
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we have a great interstate system. there was a rumor and the media about everyone playing poker and could not afford it. if you read about this, you would know that as a 45-year veteran of public service, i would never do anything to hurt people. poker is a good clean gaming industry and we need to take a bend and because the need the money. $3.5 billion shortfall means suffering by thousands and thousands of people in this state. >> a better approach to build wealth in the state is to look at what has worked already and to build on that. sutton -- small businesses create over 60% of the jobs in south carolina. i will create a division of
6:49 am
entrepreneurship. georgia has done and it goes into smaller counties and medium-sized counties and whoever needs help and help to build a plan for small business clusters and helped to implement that plan. small business is a key to the success of south carolina and we need to do something to promote it. >> i thought only republicans a touch higher education. [laughter] this is turning into a video poker discussion. we have heard a lot about. i don't think government is the best way to promote entrepreneurship. it is almost an oxymoron prinn. there should be a graduation
6:50 am
requirement to start a new business in certain states. we should have that here. >> yes or no, which before the -- video gaming interests in a poker? >>no, >> senator shaheen? í >>no. >> what would your remedy before the education funding crisis in south carolina now. ? >> we submitted legislation and got a number of sponsors two years ago. ywas a recommendation that we do the comprehensive tax reform i talked about but also that we have student-centered of funding and we get rid of the antiquated funding system we have that has created this
6:51 am
terrible and on just disparities -- about on just disparities. --unjust disparity spreaies. there would be a couple of weightings for children and kids for special needs and get you don't speak english. the fourth category would be for poverty so that schools and districts who have large percentages of children ii poverty would actually get more money, not less, to break the cycle of poverty. that cycle of poverty as old as back in south carolina as but as any single dynamic. we need to fund public education differently. that plan would do it. we have not been able to get through the legislature. >> that is why -- [applause]
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>> that is what you need a source of revenue because we dream and talk. we should not give up laws of the citizens in this state. we owe it to the mass elected official to come up with a plan for it i have a plan. you talked about the assembly program. that was federal money for two years for that money is gone. we have to look at this as a state perspective and come up with a source of revenue. i am the only candidate that has a specific source of revenue. give me something to look at. all the questions are great. we have to replace $3.5 billion. the only way to do this is my gaming proposal. if you have a specific that is better than that, you only have
6:53 am
three days left ladies and gentleman, to do some about that. i am waiting. >> [laughter] >> that is a hard act to follow. the key to changing and improving the way we fund public education is equity funding for our schools. that is something i am passionate about and i have worked out and is directly linked to a comprehensive tax reform. many things that dr. rex mentioned were included legislation and debated on the floor of the senate. we got as far as we did without any help for the governor. we need a governor who will take a leadership role in promoting equity funding. it is morally -- itself opportunities are dictated by where they happen to be going to school. it is economically not in our best interest in that situation. it means the state will step up and play a larger role in funding in our rural counties. we have to look to revenue for
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the cigarette tax. i helped lead that fight. -- we need to create jobs in this state for the first priority is to create jobs not only because our people need jobs but because we have to have the tax revenue coming to this date. >> it is time for our closing arguments pretty candid and gets one minute. we'll start with the state superintendent of education, dr. jim racks. >> thank you for being here and the viewers who tuned in. we need a different type of leadership and south carolina. we have relied for too long on career politicians who have really felt us. we hear about the gridlock legislature. ladies and gentleman, that matters very little. we need results. we need someone who has had the executive experience to get
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measured results. i have proven a last 3.5 years that we can move a public school system for in the worst recession we have seen in our lifetime with the governor who is neither hostile or indifferent to public education. i have enjoyed the debates with these two gentlemen. we have done this many times since this campaign started. i hope that the citizens of south carolina have noted the difference between the way democrats compete and republicans compete. this is not an r-raided campaign on the democratic side. [applause] i want to make one other comment. it has been honored to be a competitor with the gentleman. we have to be issued. it will be an honor to be your governor, also. [laughter] [applause]
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>> one minute for state senator ford. >> i honor my colleagues to the left and right. i was at the university of south carolina yesterday and a student asked me how i can assume i can win in south carolina. i have a whole lot to do with victories of democrats and south carolina. twice we have a video poker boat and twice the past and i was the only person that went statewide to get it passed. when we have the education lottery, you used video poker money to fund a referendum and got a past once again. i'm the only member of the general assembly to go out and get a pass. it passed. i helped raise $5 million for the video poker industry. i know how to build coalitions.
6:57 am
i want to bring the 75% of the state together, black and white citizens who have not had a governor in this state history. we get governors and most elected officials tend to look out for the moneyed people who finance their campaigns and the public never gets benefits. i want to be the governor that benefits the masses. once and for all, just like huey long in louisiana in 1928. [applause] >> senator shaheen. >> i am running for governor because i want to make south carolina go forward again. i want to work to create jobs for our state and get back on the offense in public education. i have lived in camden my entire life.
6:58 am
i want my kids to be able to return there and be successful once they get out of high school and go through college. i brought the son of a schoolteacher and his son of a small businessman who worked in higher education. i am passionate about higher education. i have enjoyed the debates with these gentlemen. i have known the senator robert ford and i have known dr. rex for a number of years. i believe this is the way the public discussion should be conducted. i believe this is the way a public debate should occur and i am proud of what we have done regardless of the outcome of this election, i have worked hard to become south carolina's next governor. for a democrat to win, you have to work harder it regardless of the outcome, i will continue to work with these two gentlemen and work to better south carolina along with the folks in this audience and many of you watching on television.
6:59 am
it has been an honor and privilege. thank you for having me. [applause] we want to thank the staff here at carolina coastal university and thanks to our other university partners. please vote next tuesday at the primary. for all of us, have a great night and good night from coastal carolina. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> today's headlines and calls are next on today's "washington journal." attorney general eric holder speaks of the 30th annual convention of the american arab anti-discrimination committee. we will have more about oil drilling technology with the editor of the oil and gas journal. we'll talk about long-term unemployment at 8:30 eastern.


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